We welcome contributions to SpaDES.project, both as bug reports or package enhancements.

Report a bug

  1. Use the issue tracker to report a bug.

  2. Please include a minimum reproducible example that triggers the bug.

  3. Please include the output of devtools::session_info().

Submit an enhancement

This Git repository uses the Git Flow branching model (the git flow extension is useful for this). The development branch contains the latest contributions and other code that will appear in the next release, and the master branch contains the code of the latest release, which is exactly what is currently on CRAN.

To make a contribution to the package, just send a pull request. When you send your PR, make sure development is the destination branch on the SpaDES.project repository. Your PR should pass R CMD check --as-cran, which will also be checked when the PR is submitted.

We’ll try to review your pull request and provide feedback / merge improvements as quickly as possible.

Thank you!