All functions

findProjectPath() findProjectName()

Find the project root directory


A simple way to get a Github file, authenticated


Simple function to download a SpaDES module as GitHub repository

user() machine() node()

Helpers to develop easier to understand code.

listModules() moduleDependencies() moduleDependenciesToGraph() PlotModuleGraph()

Tools for examining modules on known repositories

packagesInModules() metadataInModules()

Extract element from SpaDES module metadata


Set the package directory for a project

setupPaths() setupSideEffects() setupOptions() setupModules() setupPackages() setupParams() setupGitIgnore() setupStudyArea()

Individual setup* functions that are contained within setupProject


Sets up a new or existing SpaDES project

SpaDES.project SpaDES.project-package

Project templates using SpaDES


Helpers for cleanup of global state in examples and tests