Simple function to download a SpaDES module as GitHub repository

  overwrite = FALSE,
  verbose = getOption("Require.verbose", 1L)



Character vector of one or more github repositories as character strings that contain SpaDES modules. These should be presented in the standard R way, with account/repository@branch. If account is omitted, then "PredictiveEcology will be assumed.


A local path in which to place the full module, within a subfolder ... i.e., the source code will be downloaded to here: file.path(modulePath, repository). If omitted, and options(spades.modulePath) is set, it will use getOption("spades.modulePath"), otherwise it will use ".".


A logical vector of same length (or length 1) gitRepo. If TRUE, then the download will delete any existing folder with the same name as the repository provided in gitRepo


Numeric or logical indicating how verbose should the function be. If -1 or -2, then as little verbosity as possible. If 0 or FALSE, then minimal outputs; if 1 or TRUE, more outputs; 2 even more. NOTE: in Require function, when verbose >= 2, the return object will have an attribute: attr(.., "Require") which has lots of information about the processes of the installs.

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